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About Marijuana Seeds USA

Marijuana Seeds USA is all about helping those in need. We are a large team of sophisticated growers. We have obtained a great deal of experience growing marijuana seeds in the USA using the best genetics and breeders from around the world.

One of our top breeders Mr. Kim, worked in South Korea as a lead software engineer. He basically developed all the code for robots to grow lettuce indoors from seed to harvest. And he brought that technology to our company.

About Marijuana Seeds USA

Robots Working 24 Hours a Day About Making Marijuana Seeds USA

Robots are working 24 hours per day doing many sophisticated procedures. There is even a camera that checks every leaf on every plant so that the feedings can be adjusted within minutes for optimal growth. These camera's have really optimized THC and CBD production so much so that the competition can't compete. And when used for growing seeds, all that optimal energy for Trichomes, now goes into seed production, producing the best marijuana seeds USA could ever dream about.